Grade B+


Loosely based on true events, “Veronica” stars Sandra Escancena as a teen girl who uses a Ouija board with her friends to summon the spirit of her father.  What comes answering her call is a malevolent entity that seeks to destroy Escancena and those closest to her.

There is no build up to the paranormal occurrences as it starts almost immediately, putting Escancena’s life into a fast, downward spiral as she desperately seeks help to end the horror and save the lives of her little sisters and brother.

My most memorable, movie moment of “Veronica” is the scene when a blind nun tells Escancena what she has done and what she is in for.  It is a scene that is masterfully crafted, chilling for the average viewer and thrilling for filmmaking buffs who enjoy watching great techniques of a director.

In many ways “Veronica” is a standard possession/haunting movie; but the fast pacing, the very good acting, and amazing photography puts this movie a few levels above the average horror offerings.

— M