Grade C +

The third movie in the “Fast And The Furious” movies — but chronologically takes place much later in the series — has a teenager (played by Lucas Black) sent to school in Tokyo because he’s been a naughty boy in America and his illegal racing activities will get him sent to prison unless he goes to another country to live with his father.  Huh?  What?  Hey, never mind…this isn’t a movie about logic and realism.  Anyway…

Black is now in Tokyo, gets the hots for a classmate who is dating a gangster (played by Brian Tee), and is introduced to drifting (a controlled, sideways movement of a fast moving car).  Ah!  “Tokyo Drift” you say with a big grin.  Not wanting to look like a punk who can’t drive, Black is taken under the wing of “TFATF” alumni Han (played by Sung Kang) to be taught how to drift so Black can settle all his problems by racing and drifting.  Makes sense?  No?  Well, it’s not supposed to!  This movie is for people who like to drive fast cars and want to see crazy, fast driving in the movies.  I’m one of those people, but I also appreciate a well-written story.  Oh, well, at least I get half of what I want.

My most memorable, movie moment of “The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift” is the scene when **SPOILER ALERT** Kang is being chased by Tee, and Kang’s car flips over and explodes, killing Kang.  Why is this so memorable to me?  Because the Han character played by Kang is my favorite in all of “TFATF” movies.

Although “Tokyo Drift” is my least favorite movie of this series, it still ties in to the storyline, especially to the later movies, so it’s a must see for “TFATF” fans.

— M