The war between the mutants and the humans peaks when the humans discover a mutant boy with the power to turn any mutant into a normal human.  Having synthesized a “cure” for mutation through experimentation with the mutant boy, the humans go after Ian McKellen (Magneto) and his growing Brotherhood of Mutants who have stepped up their attacks against the humans.  As always, Patrick Stewart (Professor X) and his X-Men stand in the way of McKellen’s efforts to end the lives of all humans.

While we see a new crop of Stewart’s students becoming full fledged members of the X-Men, all is not well at the mansion.  Famke Janssen, who plays mutant Jean Grey, is thought to be dead; and some of her students and X-Men teammates are still grieving over the loss, especially Hugh Jackman (Wolverine).  But apparently Janssen had survived, and the near death experience has brought out the repressed personality called Phoenix which has become the most powerful mutant on Earth.  Naturally, the X-Men want her back because they love Janssen.  Naturally, McKellen wants her to join the Brotherhood so he can have a nearly unstoppable force in his war against the humans.   Which group does Janssen choose?  It doesn’t really matter, as Janssen’s mind is so unstable and her power is so great that the entire world is in danger of being destroyed by her.

In this 3rd movie of the series, gone is director Bryan Singer, replaced by Brett Ratner.  Since there are many talents involved in a Hollywood movie, I’m not going to say “X-Men: The Last Stand” is better than the previous 2 movies just because of the director change, but “…The Last Stand” is better then the previous 2 X-Men movies.  The stakes are higher, there are more mutants, more fighting, the pace is faster, and there is more drama.   And Storm (played by Halle Berry) shows more of her power, and looks scary when she does it, which is a far cry from the weakling  she was made out to be in the first movie.   I’m sad to say that this movie is rated PG-13, so there’s not much gore and blood when people die.  It’s a sanitized way of showing what should be gruesome deaths, and gruesome deaths is what I want to see when Wolverine takes the claws out and cuts through the flesh of his enemies.  (sigh) Maybe one day someone will have the balls to make a rated R X-Men movie.

One of my memorable, movie moments of this third part of the X-Men movies is the scene when we see Stewart (Prof. X) walking.  It’s a scene that takes place about 20 years in the past.  So, that would mean the scene takes place in the 1980s.  Big problem here.  In the movie “X-Men: First Class,” Professor X become paralyzed at the end, and that movie takes place in the early 1960s.  What’s up with that?

Another memorable, movie moment of “…The Last Stand” is the scene when a boy mutant named Angel is cutting off his wings with scissors and knives, leaving bloody stumps on his back, and the beautiful, white feathers of his wings on the floor.  He does this because he doesn’t want to be a freak, he just wants to be normal.   When I saw this scene, I imagined all the boys and girls out there who are not considered “normal,” and who suffer daily because we still live in a world where intolerance of people’s differences is a “normal” thing.  Oh, and for those who consider Angel a funny, gay looking mutant who looks like he should be in a gay pride parade in the Village: in the comics, he is transformed by a bad character into a very mean looking, powerful mutant whose wings are now made of metal, and the feathers can fly off like razor blades to kill his enemies; and he’s got beef with Jackman.  We’ll see if this plays out in the future X-Men movies.

My most memorable, movie moment of “X-Men: The Last Stand” is the scene when McKellen gives a passionate speech to mutants as to why they should fight humans.  McKellen’s character was sent to a Nazi, concentration camp as a boy, and his speech is clearly based on his experiences during those frightening times.  A time of people denying what the government was doing, hoping for the best; and then in the middle of the night, the attacks begin, ending in the murder of millions who were considered different and/or unwanted.

Always keep your eyes open, people.   Yes, the world does overwhelm sometimes, and it’s so easy to plunge ourselves into mindless entertainment to decrease the stress levels.  But once in a while, stick your head out of the sand, and watch closely what is happening around you.  And the more powerful someone is, the less he should be trusted.